Wednesday, 14 October 2009

The John B. Sails

My 'Tunes I want to learn' list just keeps on growing. No real preferences in their order as I'm currently just selecting them on whether I can find scores which allow me to play them on a 'D' whistle (i.e. no notes lower than the low D), and of course if I like them. "The John B. Sails" is a good example of a song I've found by chance:

Will it work with whistle accompaniment? I can't yet say, but I'll be happy to give it a go!

The Beach Boys are another surprise inclusion for me, but there's no denying their perfect harmonies. "The John B. Sails" (I've called it by it's original name) is an interesting song as it's first recorded in print in a novel and the author (Richard Le Gallienne. 1917) doesn't say whether it's his or not . Another of those 'I'm sure I've heard it before' tunes.

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