Thursday, 17 December 2009

On Hold..

Sadly, my old dog, 'Huggy, born Shaggy' has developed epilepsy. For his sake (He really doesn't care for my 'tootling' - and I don't blame him!) I've decided to lay down my whistle until he's in a better place (Unfortunately, for him, we live in a very small house) :(


  1. Maybe when the weather warms up, you can tootle at the allotment? It is so nice that you are considering your old dog, they become such integrall parts of our families. Hope you have a Warm, Cozy and Happy Christmas.

  2. Cheers Kat. I'm glad to report that 'Hugs' is back up on his feet and seems to be doing okay. Boy, this dog is one trooper!

  3. Sadly, I lost him on the 13th Jan. He was one old trooper to the very end!